Our Dad founded the company

Foundation is laid

At Green Acres Landscaping, our commitment to providing exceptional lawn care services is not just a business endeavor – it's a legacy deeply rooted in the heart of North Potomac. Founded by our father, Adrian Guerra, a dedicated individual with a passion for serving our community, we, the Guerra brothers, Bradley and Nicholas, proudly carry forward this tradition of excellence under the banner of Green Acres Landscaping. Growing up on Travilah Rd and attending Stone Mill Elementary School, our roots are entwined with the very streets and neighborhoods we now serve. Our father, Adrian, was an immigrant from Guatemala, and his journey reflects the epitome of dedication and hard work. With unparalleled work ethic, he laid the foundation for Green Acres Landscaping, with a commitment to quality service and a genuine connection to our community. As residents of North Potomac ourselves, we intimately understand the local landscape intricacies, climate nuances, and the unique needs of our neighbors' lawns. Adrian's journey from Guatemala to North Potomac has been a source of inspiration for us, driving our dedication to providing top-notch lawn care services.

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Continuing On Foward

As Bradley and Nicholas, the next generation in charge, we are not just business partners but brothers with a shared commitment to upholding the values instilled by our father. The transition from Adrian's Lawn Care to Green Acres Landscaping represents not just a change in name but an evolution in our approach, focusing on a broader spectrum of full-service lawn care to meet the diverse needs of our growing community. Choosing Green Acres Landscaping means choosing a team of brothers who genuinely care about the beauty and well-being of North Potomac. We are more than just a lawn care service – we are neighbors invested in the growth and prosperity of the city we call home. The Guerra family legacy, shaped by our father's dedication to serving the community, lives on in every service we provide, reflecting our commitment to quality, reliability, and personalized care for our valued neighbors. In summary, at Green Acres Landscaping, the Guerra family legacy continues with Bradley and Nicholas at the helm. We invite you to experience the difference that comes with choosing a locally-rooted, family-operated team for all your lawn care needs in North Potomac.

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We deliver a 1/4 of a cord and up. Smaller quanties are available for pickup!